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BB&T Bank
Detailed BB&T Bank Rating
200 W 2nd St Winston Salem NC 27101
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Detailed BB&T Bank Rating

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The Moody’s rating for BB&T Bank is A2
Customer experience
The BB&T Bank mobile app has 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play.


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BB&T Bank General info Pros&Cons

  • No fees for using SunTrust Bank ATMs. You won’t be charged the standard out-of-network fee when you withdraw funds from a SunTrust ATM since both banks are essentially one (they merged in December 2019).
  • Highly rated mobile app. The bank’s mobile app is rated 4.6 (out of 5) on Google Play and 4.8 on the Apple App Store.
  • Not available across the entire US. BB&T is a regional bank, meaning it is not widely available. All the branches and ATMs are located in 15 states in the East and Midwest.

BB&T Bank Checking and saving accounts Pros&Cons

  • Various account types are available. BB&T has several account options that you can choose from, with eSavings being their most popular option.
  • Low minimum deposit requirement. You can open a savings or checking account even if you have less than $100.
  • BB&T Deals. You earn cash back whenever you use your debit card to make a qualifying purchase from a participating retailer.
  • Student checking account. Students can open a checking account without worrying about the minimum balance requirement and monthly maintenance fee.
  • Young Savers account. This savings account is aimed at teaching minors to manage their finances. The Young Savers account also has no minimum balance requirement and monthly maintenance fee. Furthermore, interest is compounded daily.
  • Uncompetitive APY. With an APY of 0.01% for deposit accounts, you can do better elsewhere.
  • Overdraft fee is on the high side. An overdraft fee of $36 can be levied up to six times a day.

BB&T Bank Credit cards Pros&Cons

  • BB&T offers a good selection of credit card options. The bank has several credit cards for different needs, including shopping, travel, credit building and small business expenses.
  • Flexible redemption options. Depending on the card, you’ll have no shortage of ways to redeem your rewards. Popular redemption options include cash back, gift cards, travel, merchandise, charitable contributions and entertainment.
  • Generous welcome bonus. Some credit cards have a signup bonus, which you can earn by meeting the spending requirement in the specified time limit.
  • Good to excellent credit rating requirement. For most BB&T credit cards, you’ll need to have good-excellent credit.
  • No co-branded cards. Some people who want to use their credit cards at specific locations and earn rewards might find the absence of co-branded cards disappointing.

BB&T Bank Mortgage Pros&Cons

  • Good variety of loan types. BB&T offers several mortgage types, from the conventional loan to the construction-to-permanent loan. The bank also has some low (3%) and zero down payment options for those worried about the traditional 20% down payment.
  • Online conveniences. You can easily estimate your mortgage interest rates online based on the loan type, property type, amount you wish to borrow and location you want to live. You can also prequalify for the loan on the website.
  • No FHA loans. If you want an FHA loan because you have poor credit or for any other reason, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • You can’t apply in some states. If you’re not in any of the states the bank serves, you cannot apply for a mortgage.

BB&T Bank Investment Pros&Cons

  • Good range of investment options. You can invest in EFTs, mutual funds, annuities, stocks, bonds and more. You’re able to choose the best investment solutions through self-directed investing or with the help of an advisor.
  • Low account minimum opening balance. You need at least $500 to open an investment account.
  • Slow customer service. According to various reviews across the Internet, you’ll have to wait on the phone for 9-12 minutes on average when looking for customer support.
  • Higher-than-average online trading fee. The $14.95 per transaction fee for online trades is high compared to other online trading platforms.