Conversion of world currencies online converter of currencies is a convenient service for calculating cross-rates of world currencies, allowing quickly and conveniently carry out various currency transfers from one currency to another. Updated 2020-11-29, 05:17 UTC.

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Online cross-rates of world currencies

Information updates: Sunday, 29.11.2020 05:17 UTC


  • Which currency rates do we use for conversions?

    Currency conversions are based on the live market rates, that are currently relevant. Live market rates are often available only for informational purposes.
  • What are the currencies to be converted?

    Our converter service offers 159 world currencies. We singled out the most popular requests and conversion pairs in the USA on the first page: US dollar/Indian rupee, euro/dollar, pound sterling/dollar, Japanese yen/dollar, Canadian dollar/US dollar, US dollar/Mexican peso.
  • Is the fluctuation history of exchange rates available?

    Yes, you can see the fluctuation history of exchange rates since 2009 on the pages of currency pair converters. We show currency exchange rate changes by hours over the month.