Banks in the US

Our aim is to provide you with the most relevant and comprehensive information about the banks in the United States. In our bank watch list, you can sort banks by name and asset size, find all the key banks’ branch locations, check the services and products they offer as well as their working hours and phone numbers. You can also find the most convenient bank branch location by clicking “Find near me” or search for the particular branch you need.

Branches 5279 bank branches
Total Assets3,025,285,000
Chase Products:
Bank of America
Branches 4077 bank branches
Total Assets2,258,832,000
Wells Fargo
Branches 4697 bank branches
Total Assets1,767,808,000
Wells Fargo Products:
Branches 645 bank branches
Total Assets1,661,507,000
Citi Products:
US bank
Branches 2460 bank branches
Total Assets544,774,160
US bank Products:
SunTrust Bank
Branches 1041 bank branches
Total Assets498,944,000
Truist Bank
Branches 2780 bank branches
Total Assets498,944,000
Branches 1989 bank branches
Total Assets463,097,309
TD Bank
Branches 1155 bank branches
Total Assets401,511,800
TD Bank Products:
Branches 136 bank branches
Total Assets197,980,343
Branches 983 bank branches
Total Assets146,476,000
American Express
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets132,754,617
American Express Products:
Branches 635 bank branches
Total Assets122,837,617
Discover Bank
Branches 3 bank branches
Total Assets111,335,503
Discover Bank Products:
Capital One
Branches 269 bank branches
Total Assets108,388,248
Capital One Products:
Synchrony Bank
Branches 2 bank branches
Total Assets85,303,000
Synchrony Bank Products:
Synovus Bank
Branches 281 bank branches
Total Assets54,326,440
Synovus Bank Products:
Barclays Bank Delaware
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets29,961,000
Barclays Bank Delaware Products:
Cross River Bank
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets9,693,503
Emigrant Bank
Branches 5 bank branches
Total Assets6,260,197
Republic Bank
Branches 33 bank branches
Total Assets5,056,197
Merrick Bank
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets4,439,614
Merrick Bank Products:
Celtic Bank
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets4,218,429
Celtic Bank Products:
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets2,686,814
First PREMIER Bank
Branches 17 bank branches
Total Assets2,650,083
First PREMIER Bank Products:
The Bank of Missouri
Branches 38 bank branches
Total Assets2,505,848
The Bank of Missouri Products:
Radius Bank
Branches 2 bank branches
Total Assets2,384,977
Capital Bank
Branches 5 bank branches
Total Assets1,847,097
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Branches 2 bank branches
Total Assets1,082,442
Transportation Alliance Bank
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets959,674
Credit One Bank
Branches 1 bank branches
Total Assets803,193
Credit One Bank Products:
Applied Bank
Branches 2 bank branches
Total Assets186,019
BB&T Bank
Branches 1605 bank branches
Total Assets
Navy Federal Credit Union
Branches 284 bank branches
Total Assets
Navy Federal Credit Union Products:

List of banks in the USA

Some of those bank names are familiar to you, some of them you couldn’t find even in different most popular top ratings. The majority of banks in the US bank list is:

  • State-chartered
  • NAIC approved (approved by the National Association Of Insurance Commissioners)
  • OCC regulated
  • Included in FDIC bank list or considered as members of the Federal Reserve System.

The largest banks are usually publicly traded and perform as a part of financial holding companies. Meanwhile, in our list you can find state-owned and private banks too.

In the list, there are both small local banks which operate only or mostly in a particular state and global banks with not just nationwide, but international presence.

We are trying to do our best to keep the list relevant and useful for our community. Since the major banks, moving their services to the Internet, are becoming more and more virtual, it’s appearing to be very easy to find the information on some websites about branches which don’t exist anymore. For that reason, we monitor the closing branches in all the states and exclude them from the list as soon as possible. You also won’t find failed banks in our list.

We hope our banks list will help you in satisfying your financial needs. Have a nice day and enjoy browsing!