Bank of America SWIFT/BIC Code

The SWIFT-code for Bank of America is BOFAUS3N. The bank has 276 departments so make sure you use the right code. Read on to know more about what is a SWIFT code and how to use it for wire transfers.


The SWIFT code for Bank of America

What is the SWIFT code for Bank of America?

SWIFT-Code Bank of America:BOFAUS3N
Bank of America headquarters:Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28255
Departments:4491 departments across the United States
Country:The United States

You’ve probably heard of SWIFT code before but maybe aren’t quite sure of its meaning and use. A SWIFT code (or a SWIFT number) is used for the identification of banks and financial institutions globally when making international money transfers. This code will identify such information as the country, bank, and branch of the recipient’s account. The SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Don’t be confused if you come across it as Bank of America BIC (Bank Identifier Code). They are the same thing and are both used for transferring money between banks. Some banks might use BIC code, some SWIFT number, and some both – BIC/SWIFT.

SWIFT-code Bank of America

What does SWIFT code consist of?

A SWIFT code is usually an 8- or 11-digit number with the following format AAAABBCCDDD. These stand for:

  • AAAA – four-character bank code (letters)
  • BB – two-character country code (letters)
  • CC – two-character location (institution's headquarters) code (numbers or letters)
  • DDD – (optional) three-character branch code

How to use the right Bank of America SWIFT/BIC code?

The SWIFT code is unique for each Bank of America branch. In order not to make a mistake with SWIFT codes when making international wire transfers you may simply use the 8 digit head office SWIFT code – BOFAUS3N. This way the payment will still achieve your account and you will not have to spend time finding the SWIFT code of your branch.


Does Bank of America SWIFT code change from branch to branch?

Yes, each Bank of America branch has its own unique SWIFT code. However, if you’re not sure or cannot find the particular branch code for sending money abroad, you can put the eight-character SWIFT code of the head office. Your payment will still be processed and received.

How to find Bank of America SWIFT code?

Finding the SWIFT code is easy and can usually be done in three ways. You can find it on Bank of America website, on your bank statement, or simply search it online. Be careful and make sure you copy down and enter the code correctly.

How to do an international money transfer using SWIFT code?

  • An international transfer is done similarly to a domestic wire transfer, with a few differences. In addition to the recipient's name and bank account number, you will need to enter the SWIFT code (or BIC) of the recipient's bank.
  • When entering the amount you wish to transfer, pay attention to the transfer's currency. Once you enter the recipient's details, the amount might be automatically converted to the account's currency. However, this is not always the case, and you must double-check whether it's the preferred currency. If not, select the appropriate currency and then enter the amount. Otherwise, attempting to send money in a currency that your account does not support may result in the entire transaction being denied.
  • On top of Bank of America initial processing fee, you can expect to pay additional hidden fees imposed by any intermediary banks (or any other banking institution) and/or the recipient’s bank.
  • Please note that international wire transfers may also require additional information from customers and take a few days to process.