Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy

At we partner with financial institutions, such as banks and lenders. It allows us to provide our customers with the best financial products to compare. Such a partnership also gives us the most relevant information about products we show on our website.

Additionally, partnering with product owners means that we may get compensation for clicks on the “Apply now” or “Learn more” buttons of many of the offers. We may put those offers on some places on the website in order to attract the attention of the visitors but it does not influence our experts’ opinions or the rating we give for each particular product in any way. does not include all products and companies on the market.

We highly appreciate your trust and think that transparency is one of the main things that allows making the right financial choices. For that reason, you may find the list of companies which offer products that we have affiliate links for.


  • The Bank of Missouri
  • Sallie Mae Bank
  • Synovus Bank
  • Applied Bank
  • Celtic Bank
  • Merrick Bank
  • WebBank
  • Sutton Bank
  • Transportation Alliance Bank
  • MRV Banks
  • Capital Bank


  • Personal Loans®
  • Upgrade
  • Opportunity Financial
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