Brazilian Real to Singapore Dollar — exchange rate

You will find a currency converter from the BRL to the SGD on this page. It is possible to convert any amount from Brazilian Real to Singapore Dollar (R$ to S$) using Myfin currency converter at the live rates of 09:18 AM 01-30-2023.

BRLBrazilian Real
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SGDSingapore Dollar
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1 BRL = 0.25757354 SGD

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BRLBrazilian Real

Country of Circulation: Brazil

Currency Code, Symbol: BRL, R$

Denominations of coins in circulation: 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, and R$1

Denominations of banknotes in circulation: R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100

History: The Brazilian real (R$) is the national currency of Brazil, issued by the Central bank of this South American country. The currency is also known as BRL. One Brazilian real can be changed for 100 centavos.These coins are made out of stainless steel, and are decorated with traditional symbols. The Brazilian real replaced the short-term currency cruzeiro real in 1994. The government issued the new currency in spring, 2000. Banknotes were made out of polymer, because plastic is less susceptible to damage from humidity and high temperature. Today, polymer notes make 10% of total funds.Read More

SGDSingapore Dollar

Country of Circulation: Singapore

Currency Code, Symbol: SGD, S$

Denominations of coins in circulation: 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, $1

Denominations of banknotes in circulation: $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000

History: The Singapore dollar (S$) is a currency in the island state of Singapore. The official currency is abbreviated to SGD, a common name on the international exchange market. Cent serves as change for the Singapore dollar.One dollar equals 100 cents. The currency has appeared in 1967. Before that, there was used the dollar of Malaya and British Borneo. The notes and coins of Singapore are issued in series. Every series has a name. There is a series with birds, ships, orchids, portraits.Read More

Historical data of the 1 Brazilian Real to the Singapore Dollar exchange rate

In the table you can find 1 Real to Singapore Dollar exchange rate for the last week.

Monday 01-30-2023 1 BRL 0.25757354 SGD 0.0006569394
Sunday 01-29-2023 1 BRL 0.2569166 SGD 0.000169242
Saturday 01-28-2023 1 BRL 0.25708584 SGD 0.0000145404
Friday 01-27-2023 1 BRL 0.25710038 SGD 0.0024803302
Thursday 01-26-2023 1 BRL 0.25958071 SGD 0.0010524682
Wednesday 01-25-2023 1 BRL 0.25852824 SGD 0.0020583954
Tuesday 01-24-2023 1 BRL 0.25646985 SGD -

1 BRL to SGD chart

Contains historical rates for 1 Real against Singapore Dollar for all the time.

1 Brazilian Real to Singapore Dollar stats

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  • BRL/SGD – Brazilian Real to Singapore Dollar conversion

    Our BRL/SGD currency converter allows instant conversion by live rates. Current value of 1 BRL equals 0.25757354 SGD.
  • Brazilian Real to Singapore Dollar conversion

    We use quotation information as of 01-30-2023 09:18 AM ET to calculate the conversion rate of two currencies. Specified values are considered average but can match the rates of specific financial organizations. To get a result, you only need to:
    • indicate an amount of money to convert in the window with Brazilian Reals;
    • wait for automatic BRL to SGD conversion.
    With the help of this tool, you can convert any amount of Brazilian Reals into Singapore Dollars in a few seconds.
  • How has the dynamic of BRL to SGD rate changed in the last week

    Here you can also find a chart with the Brazilian Real rate fluctuations since 2015. In the last week, the pound to dollar conversion rate has changed by 0.0011 SGD or +0.4285%.
  • The dynamic of BRL to SGD rate over the last month

    The monthly data of BRL to SGD conversion rate dynamic helps to understand market trends better. BRL has moved by +1.5229% or 0.0039 SGD.