Deserve EDU from Celtic Bank Review

Deserve EDU from Celtic Bank ā€” all information about the credit card.

By Hanna Volkava
Updated January 03, 2023

Good Choose for Cash Back, Without SSN, Student

Deserve EDU Celtic Bank
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Our Rating:
3.5 out of 5
Recommended credit score
No Credit History to Excellent (0-799)
  • Rewards Rate:
    • 1% Cash Back on all purchases with your Deserve EDU Mastercard. Once approved, you'll automatically start earning Cash Back on all purchases.
  • Intro Offer:
    • No current offer.
  • Annual Fee:
  • Purchase Intro APR:
  • Regular APR:
    22.99% Variable
  • Balance Transfer APR:
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All benefits

  • Cash back
    • 1% On all purchases with your Deserve EDU Mastercard.
  • Travel
    • Cellphone Protection:
    • If you charge your cellphone bill to the Deserve EDU Mastercard, youā€™ll be covered up to $600 if your phone is stolen or damaged.
    • Collision Damage Waiver:
    • Coverage for covered damages (physical damage and theft) .
    • No International Transaction Fees:
    • No international transaction fees on purchases abroad so you can travel with confidence.
    • Airport Concierge Service:
    • Cardholders have access to the Mastercard Airport Concierge (15 percent off meet-and-greet services to assist you at airports during your travels).

Rate and fee information

  • Purchase Intro APR
    • None
  • Purchase APR
    • 22.99% Variable
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR
    • None
  • Balance Transfers APR
    • None
  • APR for Cash Advances
    • None
  • How to Avoid Paying Interest
    • Your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. You will not be charged any interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.


  • Annual Fee
    • $0
  • Return Payment
    • Up to $37
  • Late Payment
    • Up to $25
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Pros & Cons

  • No prior credit history required
  • No SSN Required
  • No Annual Fee
  • No
  • Transactions Fees
  • No Co-Signer/ Deposit Required
  • Relatively High APR
  • Fairly Low Rewards
  • Only for Students


  • No Annual Fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Cashback
  • Payment Flexibility
  • Fraud Protection
  • Rewards
  • Free Credit Score
  • Purchase Protection
  • Student
  • Travel
  • Airline
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Poor Credit
  • Fair Credit
  • Good Credit
  • Excellent Credit

About the issuer

Celtic Bank has several card types depending on your needs.
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DeserveĀ® EDU MastercardĀ®

This article reviews the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®, a no annual fee credit card with various benefits and a flat cash back rate.


The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is a handy option for students with no prior credit history. It comes with no annual fee, zero fees on foreign transactions, and free fraud protection.

The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® offers a fixed cash back rate of 1% on all purchases. It gives an ultimate chance for students to build credit history seamlessly. International students can apply for this credit card as it doesnā€™t require the applicant to have a Social Security Number (SSN).

If you are a student who is having trouble getting approved by other credit card companies, the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is likely to come in handy.

Pros and Cons of the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®

Here are the perks as well as the downside of the card:

Pros: Cons:
No prior credit history required. You can apply for the card with no or little credit history. Relatively High APR. The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® has a variable APR of 20.99%. This rate is higher than the average student card APR.
No SSN Required. You donā€™t need an SSN to access this card. This makes it ideal for international students. Fairly Low Rewards. This card offered a cash back rate of 1%, which is lower than what most credit cards offer.
No Annual Fee. The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is a no annual fee credit card. Only for Students. This card is designed for students only, and unless you are one, you cannot apply for it.
No Foreign Transactions Fees. You can use this credit card anywhere in the world without incurring any fees on transactions.
No Co-Signer/ Deposit Required. You donā€™t need a cosigner to acquire the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®. Also, you donā€™t need to secure this card with a deposit.

Rewards In a Nutshell

The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® credit card has a simple reward system. Cardholders receive a 1% cash back on all purchases made with the card. However, some purchases are not eligible for the cash back, including:

  • Lottery tickets
  • Race track bets
  • Foreign currency
  • Travelers' checks and money orders
  • Wire transfers
  • Casino gaming

All rewards are redeemed as a statement credit. After earning $25 in cash back, the credit amount is applied to your card. Cash back rewards earned do not expire. It means you can accumulate as many cash back rewards as possible, provided your account is active.

New users receive a credit limit of up to $5,000. Several months of responsible card usage can lead to a credit limit increase.

Who Can Benefit From the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®?

The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is ideal for students looking to build credit history. It doesnā€™t use the traditional qualifying methods, thus making it a more accessible alternative for students. Students with no credit history can apply for this card and utilize it to build their credit.

The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is a great choice for international students since it doesnā€™t require SSN to get approved.

For students who like to travel, this credit card can be a great option as it doesnā€™t charge any transaction fees.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® comes with many benefits. They include:

One Year of Amazon Prime Student

The Amazon Prime Student costs $6.49 monthly or $59 annually. When you purchase it using the DeserveĀ® EDU Card, you get reimbursed up to $59. Basically, the credit card gives you a free 12-month subscription or a maximum credit reimbursement of $59 if you choose the monthly plan.

To qualify for the reimbursement, you must make purchases of $500 total or more within the first 3 months after card issuance.

Collision/Loss Damage Waiver

When you rent a car and pay with the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®, you receive secondary coverage in case of a mishap. This protection covers physical damages, theft, and towing charges. To qualify for this protection, you must decline the optional damage waiver offered by the rental company.

Cell phone Protection

If you pay your monthly phone bills with the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®, you are eligible for a $600 protection in case of cell phone theft or damage.

Lemonade Credit

When you pay three consecutive Lemonade statements with the DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ®, you will receive a one-time $10 in your DeserveĀ® Account. However, this offer isnā€™t available in some states.

$100 Off Feather Subscriptions

When you sign up for a Feather subscription with this card, you receive $100 off your first month. All you need is to include the promo code DESERVE100 and enjoy the offer.

3 Months of Text and Talk with Campus SIMS

When you pay for any Mint Mobile wireless plan with the DeserveĀ® EDU MastercardĀ®, you will receive a one-time $45 statement credit. This offer is available till November 2021.

MasterCardĀ® Platinum Benefits

With this card, you are eligible for all MasterCardĀ® Platinum benefits. They include:

MasterCardĀ® ID Theft Protection

This card gives you access to an identity theft protection service. The service will monitor deep and dark web; youā€™ll receive alerts about possible damaging use of personal information.

MasterCardĀ® Airport Concierge

MasterCardĀ® offers 15% savings in Airport Greet and Meet Services. You can arrange for any Airport Meet and Greet agent to provide escort services around the airport so you can easily connect flights. When you pay with this card, you receive a 15% credit reimbursement.

Other MasterCardĀ® benefits include:

  • TransUnion credit monitoring
  • Lost wallet assistance


The DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® is an excellent option if youā€™re a student with no credit history or an international student looking to access credit. If you are an international student, you can easily get approved even without an SSN. It brings many benefits for students, including a free year of Amazon Prime Student account, collision/loss waiver, and cell phone protection. This card doesnā€™t charge foreign transaction fees, which is ideal for students traveling abroad.


What is the customer service phone number for DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® Credit Card?

Are you looking for more information regarding your account, application, or card? You can call DeserveĀ® EDU via 1-800-418-2362. For international calls, contact via 1-801-981-4334. Also, you can send an email to

How to check my application status for DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCardĀ® Credit Card?

You can check your DeserveĀ® EDU MasterCard Ā® application through the online portal. All you need is to enter the requested info and check your application details. The application takes up to 3 working days, and after the review, youā€™ll be notified about your account status via email.
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